Snow Brawlers

Genre: Action | Platform: PC | Language & Engine: Blueprints/C++ & Unreal Engine 4


About the game

Snow Brawlers is a free-for-all, 3D, multiplayer snowball fight game. In Snow Brawlers, you enter a snow covered playground with your friends, and become a crazy kid to play a brawler snowball fight! Snow Brawlers was showed at 2016 E3 the MIX event, and it was nominated 2016 Sammy Awards for Best Game. It was my Capstone project in Games and Playable Media Master's program at UC Santa Cruz. The game was made using Unreal Engine 4.10. The game was made by a team of 4 UC Santa Cruz students, 16 SJSU artists and 1 sound designer from Pyramind.


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My Work

Roles and related work:

  • Development Director:
    • Implemented Agile Development Model for our project.
    • Implemented Scrum framework for the project.
    • Communicated with Technical Lead and Design Lead to create efficient tasks and planned sprints accordingly.
    • Organized stand-ups meetings twice for efficient project management.
    • Organised Usability tests and play tests at the end of each major milestone.
    • Implemented a unique approach in design meetings, where the design team members would come up with a pitch for the desired mechanic and present it to the design team with pros and cons. At the end, the members would vote and decide the behavior for the desired mechanic. It resulted in quick and efficient design meetings and saved a lot of time.
    • Communicated with the art team from San Jose State University about deliverables, deadlines and design concepts. Managed the art asset list.
  • Associate Designer:
    • Collaborated with the Design Lead to design different game mechanics and game loops.
    • Created Game Design Document and other important documents with the Design Lead to make the whole development process smooth.
    • Introduced different powerups (Super Jump, Super Speed, Full Snow, Shield, HP Pickup) in the gameplay.
  • Level Designer:
    • Created the multiplayer level for 4 players with the option of extending it for 8 players.
    • Created a small level to decide the player walk speed, sprint speed, jump height and snowball speed.
    • Implemented the level for the game using Unreal Engine Editor. Implemented collisions for the 3D mesh and invisible walls for the level. Implemented different collision channels for player and snowball interactions.
    • Communicated with the art and design team for their feedback and suggestions on the level.
    • Created Level Design Document.
  • Gameplay Programmer:
    • Implemented different gameplay mechanics using visual scripting of Unreal Engine 4.10, they are
      • Arc system for snowball throw
      • Powerups like Super Jump, Super Speed, Full Snow, Shield, HP Pickup
      • Other general gameplay mechanics.
  • Animation Programmer:
    • Created the animation state machine for the 3rd person character in the game.
    • implemented the animation state machine in Unreal Engine Animation Blueprint.
    • Solved network related bugs in the animation blueprint with the help of Technical Lead.
    • Communicated and helped a new member of the team to learn about animations state machines and animation programming in Unreal Engine.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Created materials, shaders and particle systems for different implementations.
    • Used Autodesk Maya to make minor changed to the assets delivered by the art team.